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I want to copy directories with scp from server A to a remote server B. As i want to do this with a script I generated a private and a public key for the server, which work fine with winScp.

but when i try to copy with shell/skript

scp -i <DIR>/key.ppk $tmpDirA/*.war $username@$server:$TmpDirB

Im getting asked for the passphrase

Enter passphrase for key '<DIR>/key.ppk'

even the passphrase was left empty when generating the keys.

both server(openSuse) have openSsh, protocol 2. and the keys are rsa-keys

This keys are not generated with the server A. Does it matter?

I cant see what point im missing. So thanks for any help.

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Are you trying to use a PUTTY private key? Openssh does not support putty private key files, but PUTTYgen can export to a format openssh understands.

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so silly.. Yeah, that was the point. I knew that i had to generate the key.. no idea when I forgot that again. thanks – user1338413 Jan 3 '13 at 15:57

Are you sure ssh chooses the right key when copying?

Create a config file in ~/.ssh and define different hosts there, this ensures that ssh chooses the correct key.

Linux man page

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do you mean the public key? He asks for the phrase of the private-key "Enter passphrase for key '<DIR>/key.ppk'", so ssh chooses the right private-key. – user1338413 Jan 3 '13 at 15:32

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