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How to init a new class in TS in such a way (example in C# to show what I want):

// ... some code before
return new MyClass { Field1 = "ASD", Field2 = "QWE" };
// ...  some code after
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There is an issue on the TypeScript codeplex that describes this: Support for object initializers.

As stated, you can already do this by using interfaces in TypeScript instead of classes:

interface Name {
    first: string;
    last: string;
interface Person {
    name: Name;
    age: number;

var bob: Person = {
    name: {
        first: "Bob",
        last: "Smith",
    age: 35,
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In your example, bob is not an instance of class Person. I don't see how this is equivalent to the C# example. –  Jack Wester Feb 23 '13 at 17:27
How is "Bob" not a "Person" instance? To me it clearly is declaring bob as a Person and providing the properties for the instance. –  Zack Aug 14 at 15:09

I'd be more inclined to do it this way, using (optionally) automatic properties and defaults. You haven't suggested that the two fields are part of a data structure, so that's why I chose this way.

You could have the properties on the class and then assign them the usual way. And obviously they may or may not be required, so that's something else too. It's just that this is such nice syntactic sugar.

class MyClass{
    constructor(public Field1:string = "", public Field2:string = "")
        // other constructor stuff

var myClass = new MyClass("ASD", "QWE");
alert(myClass.Field1); // voila! statement completion on these properties
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I asked about field initializers... You describe constructors... –  Nickon Jan 9 '13 at 10:26
My deepest apologies. But you didn't actually "ask about field initializers", so it's natural to assume that you might be interested in alternative ways of newing up a class in TS. You might give a tiny bit more information in your question if you are so ready to downvote. –  Ralph Lavelle Jan 9 '13 at 22:56

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