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I want to change the URL of my website using .htaccess file :


I only want the + sign to be replaced by - sign

please help

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the + sign is a URL encoding scheme representing a space character. The + is treated as a space by the web server. – SDC Jan 3 '13 at 16:27


RedirectMatch 301 ^/(.*)\%2[Cc]$ /$1-$2

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I have found same issue, so i am using "%20" instead of "+" sign.

You can check it out that will work in most of all cases. In many site also if you write "test+play" or "test%20play" both work same

May this will help you

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I don’t think that this is possible using plain .htaccess. If you really need to change your URLs, I would use a small script (i.e. PHP) that handles the replacment:


$new_uri = str_replace('+', '-', $uri);

header('Location: ' . $new_uri);

And then, rewrite Requests to that script using a RewriteRule:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^.*+.*$ rewrite-plus.php
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