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I'm trying to create a video that autoplays from a point in the video after you jump to it after clicking a button. I have it so that the video jumps to the spot, but I cannot figure out how to get it to autoplay from there. I'm new to javascript and I think there might be a simple solution I'm missing.

    function Fwd(){
        if (video.currentTime < 17.91 && video.currentTime >= 0)
        { (video.currentTime = 17.92)
        else if (video.currentTime < 35.93 && video.currentTime > 17.91)
        { (video.currentTime = 35.94)

Here is some of my html

<div id="sideright">
  <input type="button" id="fwdButton" onclick="Fwd()" class="button_fwdrew" />

<video id="video" width="896" height="504" data-setup="{}" >
<source src="video/myAwesomeVideo.mp4" type='video/mp4; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2"' />
<source src="video/myAwesomeVideo.webmhd.webm" type='video/webm; codecs="vp8, vorbis"'>
<source src="video/myAwesomeVideo.oggtheora.ogv" type='video/ogg; codecs="theora, vorbis"' />
<p>Your browser doesn't support HTML5. Maybe you should upgrade.</p>

Here is more of my JavaScript

var v = document.getElementById("video")[0];
    v.volume = .5;
    video.onpause = video.onplay = function(e) {
    playpause.value = video.paused ? 'Play' : 'Pause';
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Doesn't video.play() work?

function Fwd(){
    var video = document.getElementById("video");
    if (video.currentTime < 17.91 && video.currentTime >= 0)
        (video.currentTime = 17.92)
    else if (video.currentTime < 35.93 && video.currentTime > 17.91)
        (video.currentTime = 35.94)

I've added a declaration for the video variable since this seems to be causing some confusion.

In your edit you have created a v variable but you've assigned to it the value of the first property or method of the DOM object associated with the element with id of video (that's what the array accessor [0] does after document.getElementById("video")). Almost certainly that property or method won't itself have a property volume or a method pause(). After that you've started using a video variable without apparently defining it or setting its value. It may be defined in code you've not posted, but from what you've shown that would be a waste since you're apparently trying to make the v variable be the reference to the video element - there's no need for both v and video.

Decide on one variable to hold your reference to the video element, assign it using document.getElementById("video") and then use it consistently.

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Hi robertc, thanks for your reply, but unfortunately the video still doesn't play. –  Noob_C Jan 3 '13 at 18:37
@Noob_C The post more of your code, or a link to your example. –  robertc Jan 3 '13 at 18:40
I added some more code above, let me know if you need more. I'm not really sure what would be useful. I have quite alot of JS and html that are unrelated to this issue that control volume, muting, etc... –  Noob_C Jan 3 '13 at 18:50
@Noob_C OK, where are you setting the video variable? –  robertc Jan 3 '13 at 21:23
I added some more Javascript. Maybe the video variable is the problem because I know the v.volume = .5; isn't working –  Noob_C Jan 4 '13 at 15:41
var update = function() {
    if (document.getElementById("video").currentTime < 10) 
        document.getElementById("video").currentTime = 10;
document.getElementById("video").setAttribute("ontimeupdate", "update();");
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