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I created a spreadsheet for my uncles hockey league. It has a separate worksheet for each of five teams and an additional sheet listing the team and player rankings. Jüri Ruut was a great help in getting the data for the players sorted out, but I need to rank the teams by "points" and then by "goals for" if they have the same amount of points.

I have column A set up with ranks 1-5. Column I has the teams "points" and column J lists the teams "goals for". So, basically:

 A          B             I         J
Rank   SortedRank   ~   Points   GoalsFor

In column B, I have the following formula:


Is there an easy way to modify this formula to achieve what I want? My thought was that if the original IF statement was true, then I would look to see who had more goals. I was trying to modify the [value_if_true] to another IF statement, but cannot get it to work. Something like:


Am I even barking up the right tree here?

As always, I hope this is coherent and understandable. Thanks!

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change the points slightly (or create a helper column)

points would be CalculatedPoints+(GoalsFor/1000)
(I am assuming a team will never get more than 999 GoalsFor)

This way, the resulting list would look something like this


and teams with the same calculated points would then be split by the GoalsFor, and the =RANK function could easily rank the teams

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Thank you for the input. Juri Root actually updated his answer to my last question with a way to solve this one as well. I do appreciate everyone's help! – Bob Bob Jan 4 '13 at 21:43

If you don't know / don't like the Rank() function, it is explained with some alternatives on this page.

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Thanks for the response. I was hoping to do it via the IF command, but I take it I WAS barking up the wrong tree. I will read your link after a nap. A lack of sleep is making it nearly impossible to concentrate. – Bob Bob Jan 3 '13 at 18:56

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