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I am trying to test my web service using the Jersey Test Framework but what test container factory do you use to test Spring web services? I tried the EmbeddedGlassfishContainerFactory but it keeps looking for a sun-web.xml file but I am using the newest version of the Glassfish file called glassfish-web.xml. Using the GrizzlyWebTestContainerFactory it gave me an error regarding EJB invocation. I tried to find a good example of someone using Spring with the Jersey Test Framework but I could not find any that works.

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Just FYI, under typical definitions (I don't think this is a settled issue) this would not be a unit test because unit tests only test the code you have direct control over. Since you're using libraries and an app server, this is more of an integration test. – Daniel Kaplan Jan 5 '13 at 22:13
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Got it working by following what this guy did:

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