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I'm using Caliburn.Micro to bind a combobox to a list of items. Let's say for example they are Employees. I want the (fairly commonplace) behaviour where the first item isn't an employee, but is either null or something else that represents when nothing has been selected.

I don't really want to hack it where the first employee is named "Please select" with an ID of zero, so I would appreciate your opinion. My preference would be for the first item in the list to be null, in which case my validation (either requiring a value be selected or recording that no value was selected) is very straightforward (I'll bind SelectedItem to a property on my view model.

Many thanks in advance.

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Have you tried anything yet or is this more of a hypothetical question? –  Charleh Jan 3 '13 at 16:31
So far I've got a POC working with the hack I mentioned earlier. I'm working on something at the moment where I have a generic list of IListItem but am actually putting either PleaseSelectListItemViewModel or EmployeeViewModel in the list I'm binding to, to see if CM will choose a different view for each, accordingly. It's a lot of code though so I'd be interested to hear if there's a simpler solution. –  Neil Barnwell Jan 3 '13 at 16:58
Well, I can't see why there would be a lot of code - it depends (do you NEED a view for each combo item or can you just use a standard itemtemplate?), I'll post what works for me –  Charleh Jan 3 '13 at 17:58

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I've just created a standard itemtemplate for the control where I've bound a TextBlock to the list items DisplayName, then I've set the FallbackValue to a nice message

<ComboBox x:Name="SomeSelection" SelectedValuePath="Value" cal:Message.Attach="[Event SelectionChanged] = [Action DroppedDown(SomeSelection)]">
            <TextBlock Text="{Binding DisplayName, FallbackValue='Please select a value'}"></TextBlock>

The I populate the items in the VM

    // Standard property
    private ObservableCollection<SomeObject> _SomeSelection = null;
    public ObservableCollection<SomeObject> SomeSelection
        get { return _SomeSelection; }
            if (_SomeSelection != value)
                _SomeSelection = value;
                NotifyOfPropertyChange(() => SomeSelection);

    // Instantiate and add some test items
    SomeSelection = new ObservableCollection<SomeObject>();
    SomeSelection.Add(new SomeObject("Hello", 0));
    SomeSelection.Add(new SomeObject("World", 1));

The SomeObject class is just a test class:

public class SomeObject : IHaveDisplayName
    public string DisplayName { get; set; }

    public int Value { get; set; }

    public SomeObject(string name, int value)
        DisplayName = name;
        Value = value;


The only thing I can't get working yet is the selection of the 'Please select a value' item by default. You might need a dirty hack to get this working since the first item in the list is a null reference...

Also since CM's default convention for ComboBox is to pass SelectedItem not SelectedValue to actions, you get the selected item being passed to any methods, which for a null combobox item appears to be the combobox item itself rather than a null. Strange but understandable! What did your approach look like?

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