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Goal is to update audio metadata with iTunes store for files which only reside on the iCloud. I found a handy Ruby script which would perform the task if the file was re-downloaded locally http://cl.ly/C3kK

The script enlightened me to the itunes store api, however, I still need the itunes store trackId which is not to be confused with the local/internal trackId or persistentId. The above script reads in the first MB of the physical audio file looking for a magic number and storing the subsequent integer. I peeked at the itunes music library.xml with no luck. Itunes is storing this information somewhere I would think. Or at least the another ID can be used to retrieve the metadata from the iCloud. In the end I would simply update the itunes music library.xml with the results from the itunes store api.

I realize there are iCloud iTunes api calls, but before I delve into that subject I would rather post a question to the experts.

Any help on the subject would be amazing.

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