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I'm trying to figure out how a client's Google+ page is ranked against local competitors Google+ pages. If I Google the phrase "Tulsa Architects" I see a list of Google+ pages. My client's actual website shows up as the 4th organic listing (the first one below the list of Google+ pages - kktarchitects.com) but their Google+ page shows up on the second page of Google+ pages (If I click on "More results near Tulsa, OK" and then click on the second page I can see them listed).

Their site is optimized well for the "Tulsa Architects" search phrase as it comes up 4th, so I'm not sure why their plus page is showing up so far down. I've read that having an image on your plus page helps. They have an image on their plus page and their higher ranking competitors don't. I've also read that back links help - not sure if they mean back links to the actual plus page or to their site but either way this seems a little odd too. If it's back links to the plus page that are important, I seriously doubt that the competition has backlinks to the plus page as most don't have a lot of content on their plus pages. If it's backlinks to their actual site that is important for plus page promotion, there is a plus page that ranks just above theirs that doesn't even have an actual website.

I'm just confused on how Google decides to rank plus pages as it doesn't seem to be consistent with how it ranks other websites. Could anyone help me understand some strategies to increase the ranking of a plus page? Here is the link to my client's plus page: https://plus.google.com/110440497379120065256/about?hl=en

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If anyone else had a similar question about how to optimize your Google+ Local page, I found this article to be fairly helpful: http://seo-hacker.com/google-local-optimization/

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A couple of things I might do to increase your clients' Google+ page:

Increase their followers. Google+ pages turn up more often in results for people who are logged into their Google accounts and either friends with that Google+ page, or friends with someone who is friends with that Google+ page.

Promote their Google+ page elsewhere: Facebook, Twitter, link to it in forums, guest blog posts, etc.

Generate more content for the Google+ page. This means adding new photos, writing posts, interacting with other users, etc. Social signals are increasingly important for SEO.

I hope this helps. Sounds like you're on the right track with the clients' site, but a neglected Google+ page isn't going to rank as well as an active one!

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