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Problem getting this to work:

I am putting this query string (as a variable):

"query" => 
            "CREATE TABLE 
                    date_created DATETIME,     
                    last_active DATETIME,
                    last_logged_in DATETIME,
                    first_name VARCHAR(255),
                    last_name VARCHAR(255),
                    email VARCHAR(255), 
                    password VARCHAR(255),  
                    permissions INT,  
                    status SMALLINT

into this loop:

foreach( $queryStrings as $queryString )
    $query = Database::Query( $queryString[ "query" ] );
    if( $query )
        echo "Database table " . $queryString[ "name" ] . " successfully created<br />"; 
        echo "Database table " . $queryString[ "name" ] . " failed to create<br />"; 

The Database:Query is here:

    public static function Query( $query )
        $query = self::$mysqli->real_escape_string( trim( $query ) );  

        if ( $query = self::$mysqli->prepare($query) ) 

            $DatabaseQuery = new DatabaseQuery();
                $DatabaseQuery->result = $query->get_result();       
                $DatabaseQuery->mysql_num_rows = $query->num_rows();                 
                return $DatabaseQuery;                   

        echo false;

It fails to get past:

if ( $query = self::$mysqli->prepare($query) ) 

The string it is preparing is here:

CREATE TABLE \r\n users(\r\n id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY,\r\n date_created DATETIME, \r\n last_active DATETIME,\r\n last_logged_in DATETIME,\r\n first_name VARCHAR(255),\r\n last_name VARCHAR(255),\r\n email VARCHAR(255), \r\n password VARCHAR(255), \r\n permissions INT, \r\n status SMALLINT\r\n )
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You should remove the \r and \n from the query string using str_replace

 $string = str_replace(array("\n", "\r"), '', $string);

Or you could do the same with preg_replace:

$string = preg_replace('/[\r\n]/', '', $string);
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Cheers mate. works lovely! –  Jimmyt1988 Jan 3 '13 at 17:07
Please mark the question as solved (if it is), @JamesT –  EirikO Jan 3 '13 at 18:36
Meant to when you did it but I couldn't because I had to wait 4 mins. Thanks for the reminder :) –  Jimmyt1988 Jan 4 '13 at 10:11

Of course removing linefeed characters is a wrong answer.

It's whole $query = self::$mysqli->real_escape_string( trim( $query ) ); line should be removed instead, as it's shouldn't be used on the whole query in general and practically useless for the prepared queries like this one.

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