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I want to develop a p2p app which communicates via UDPSockets. I'm just starting to read the docs for that and I couldn't understand that piece of ruby's socket management.

Specifically it's possible to add those "flags", as ruby-doc calls them, to every send call. (http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib-1.9.3/libdoc/socket/rdoc/UDPSocket.html#method-i-send)

But when do I use those and how?

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You'll probably know if you need to use them as you'll have an example or some documentation that refers to them.

Some of the more common options used with recvfrom are: MSG_OOB to process out-of-band data, MSG_PEEK to peek at the incoming message without de-queueing it, and MSG_WAITALL to wait for the receive buffer to fill up.

These are really quite edge-case so you probably won't ever see one used.

Those flags come from the low-level recv call on which Socket is based.

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