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Is it possible to find out how often an index of a MySQL table was used?

I have several indices for a table and I'd like to find out, if there are indice which are not used by MySQL.

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Currently, MySQL does not offer statistics on index usage.

One way to generate those stats on your own would be to log all queries (Be careful of the extra i/o here) and parse it out. Percona has a nice tool for this, pt-index-usage.

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That's too bad, I share the exact same need. –  Tom Desp Nov 22 '13 at 11:35

I don't think that's possible, the index go with the DDL so it's part of the table, I don't believe that you can make statistics about how many times the index it's used or how mane queries have been apply to a specific row. If you want to know more about the index in your table/query you can always use the command:

explain select * from table

but it's not statistics

more info about explain here

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