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I am learning about GEB and i would like to play around with it in Groovy console. I am tying to run:

import geb.Browser

Browser.drive {
 go "http://googel.com/"
 assert title == "Google"

But this gives an error

unable to resolve class geb.Browser
 at line: 1, column: 1

I have downloaded Geb core jar (http://search.maven.org/#artifactdetails%7Corg.codehaus.geb%7Cgeb-core%7C0.7.2%7Cjar) and put it in the PATH, but is not importing in the groovy console. What am i doing wrong and how to run the simple Geb inline scripting?

Thank you

p.s. mac 10.7, geb 0.7.2

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Try putting that at the top of your file :


Then, you won't have to deal with classpath issues and you'll got geb in groovy console easily

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Thank You so much. it worked –  latvian Jan 3 '13 at 21:58

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