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I have tried to remove the following tag generated by the AJAX Control toolkit. The scenario is our GUI team used the AJAX control toolkit to make the GUI but I need to move them to normal ASP .NET view tag using MultiView.

I want to remove all the __designer: attributes

Here is the code

<asp:TextBox ID="a" runat="server" __designer:wfdid="w540" />
<asp:DropdownList ID="a" runat="server" __designer:wfdid="w541" />
<asp:DropdownList ID="a" runat="server" __designer:wfdid="w786" />

I tried to use the regular expression find replace in Visual Studio using:



Replace with empty space

Can any regular expression expert help?

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 * Created by SharpDevelop.
 * User: box
 * Date: 2009-9-13
 * Time: 8:13
 * To change this template use Tools | Options | Coding | Edit Standard Headers.
using System;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

namespace t1
    class Sample
    	public static void Main()
    		// Create a regular expression that matches a series of one
    		// or more white spaces.
    		string pattern = @"__designer:wfdid=""w\d+""";
    		Regex rgx = new Regex(pattern);

    		// Declare a string consisting of text and white spaces.
    		string aspCode = @"<asp:TextBox ID=""a"" runat=""server"" __designer:wfdid=""w540"" />";

    		// Replace runs of white space in the input string with a
    		// comma and a blank.
    		string outputStr = rgx.Replace(aspCode, ", ");

    		// Display the resulting string.
    		Console.WriteLine("Pattern:       \"{0}\"", pattern);
    		Console.WriteLine("Input string:  \"{0}\"", aspCode);
    		Console.WriteLine("Output string: \"{0}\"", outputStr);
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The program isn't needed, the Original Poster (OP) is using the the VS Find command to remove these attributes. @"__designer:wfdid=""w\d+""" will do. A nice touch is to remove an extra space after the attribute, to avoid having two spaces and increase neatness. –  Kobi Sep 13 '09 at 5:04
I see. But I have just Visual Studio 6.0 installed. ;P –  boxoft Sep 13 '09 at 22:54

If you want to get rid of __designer:mapid="22"

use this regex


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from 'Find option' use Wildcards search :


find All of them and replace with empty.

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