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I have an Eclipse IDE Project, which is hosted on SVN. For one of the jars I have the sources, which I would like to add to the project.

The Problem is, that I do not whant the sources or the reference to the sources to be on SVN. The .classpath file (where the sources paths are stored) is under version control I do not whant to take the .classpath file out from version control, because there might be some updates from the team inside.


Is it possible to add some sources to my project locally, so that it won't be checked in into SVN?

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Right click on your files which you want to ignore from SVN, go to

Team -> Add to svn:ignore

By doing the above the files will be excluded while checkin.

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Thnx, but the problem is, that I can not exclude the config file where the sources paths are stored, from SVN. Other ideas? –  Skip Jan 4 '13 at 9:11

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