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I have solved the problem of including header and footer of the website( developed in the blog (developed in wordpress)by taking the suggestions from professionals in my previous question Integrate wordpress blog into website

Now the header ( the sprites menu section) and footer (has three columns: products, menu and contact-us)are displaying in one language .

Can i have header.php and footer.php in 2 languages(English and French)?

I have used polylang plugin for multilang. But i have not used dashboard or widgets to display main menu and footer. I have included the code in header.php and footer.php

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The answer will depend on the way that WordPress implement the multilingual interface. Howver, the common way to implement multilingual is to supply a url parameter indicates the current active language like this example. You will find something like: for French section

So, by using AJAX you could able to get the footer of the other language and place it with your current language footer. In other word, this solution depends on AJAX.

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I was trying the following code in footer.php and header.php <?php $lingo=strtolower(substr(get_locale(),0,2)); if($lingo=="en"): ?> "english menu ( in header.php) and english footer(in footer.php)" <?php endif; ?> <?php elseif($lingo=="fr"): ?>"english menu ( in header.php) and english footer(in footer.php)" <?php endif; ?> but it doesnt work. – curious_webprogrammer Jan 3 '13 at 19:21
sorry if(lingo=='fr') french menu and french footer . Typing mistake – curious_webprogrammer Jan 3 '13 at 19:38

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