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What's the significance of the +xml in the following HTTP Accept Header:


Is that just to denote it's an XML based format, or that it's suitable for XML editors, or something completely different?


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Check the RFC:

Appendix A. Why Use the '+xml' Suffix for XML-Based MIME Types?

Although the use of a suffix was not considered as part of the original MIME architecture, this choice is considered to provide the most functionality with the least potential for interoperability problems or lack of future extensibility. The alternatives to the '+xml' suffix and the reason for its selection are described below.

There is a whole list of reasons listed underneath, but I don't think copying them verbatim falls under fair-use. So check the RFC for their full (long!) story of how this came to be.

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that's pretty definitive, thanks. Will mark as answer when the timeout expires –  jglouie Jan 3 '13 at 17:57

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