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In this folder called my_backup I have a mongodb database dump with all my models/collections for example:


I have a database called ubuntu_development on mongodb. I am working with rails 3 + mongoid

How can I import/restore all models/collections from the folder my_backup to my database ubuntu_development

Thank you very much!

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Thank you! This was a nightmare for me... –  simPod Nov 15 '13 at 22:19

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Execute this command from the console (in this case):

mongorestore my_backup --db ubuntu_development
  1. mongodbrestore is followed by my_backup, which is the folder name where the previous dump of the database is saved.
  2. --db ubuntu_development specifies the database name where we want to restore the data.
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Also, if you don't already have the target database created, simply put the restore files in a folder with the name of the database you want, and do mongorestore <foldername>. This will create the database foldername and put all the date in there :) –  DanielSmedegaardBuus Apr 2 at 7:41

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