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I am trying to integrate facebook authentication to my Cakephp 2.2.4 app and once the facebook authentication is done, I am trying to create the user and login the user manually, I see that though the below code is creating a auth session, i.e., $this->Auth->user() contains all the data , it is not logging the user into the app, i.e, I am not able to access other functions of the app

$user = $this->User->findById($user_id);

this is what I am using to manually login and the user saved does not contain a username and password

this is in my AppController.php

class AppController extends Controller {
public $components = array(
     'authError'=>'You can\'t access that page',
     'authenticate' => array(
        'Form' => array(
            'fields' => array('username' => 'email')

public $helpers = array('Js' => array('Jquery'),'Html','Form');

public function isAuthorized($user){
    return TRUE ;

public function beforeFilter(){

    // $this->Auth->allow('index','view');
    // $this->set('logged_in',$this->Auth->loggedIn());
    // $this->set('current_user',$this->Auth->user());


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If it's creating $this->Auth->user() data, I believe that means they ARE logged in. But logging in does not by default just grant permissions to everything site-wide. Supply more code of how you're granting permissions to those that are logged in. –  Dave Jan 3 '13 at 19:15
dave I have given the appcontroller code above, yes $this->Auth->loggedIn() is showing true in that particular action i.e, the action to where the app get's redirected after facebook authentication but in other actions $this->Auth->loggedIn() shows false –  Pradeep Kumar Jan 4 '13 at 9:07

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I have tried this earlier and other ways also, it is showing that is logged in but not able to access any of the actions –  Pradeep Kumar Jan 4 '13 at 5:56
This worked for me! Thanks. –  Teodor Talov Jul 10 '13 at 5:30
Works perfectly, thank you !! –  dav Jul 20 '13 at 12:16
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This was nothing to do with the cakephp app but the plugin which i was using for facebook, which did not post data

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Maybe the Auth component still refer to username field for authentication instead of email. You can try change to username.

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I am developing a Plugin that uses Facebook oAuth as an authentication object for Auth Component. If you want an already-built solution that uses server-side Facebook login, please check my website: http://marianofino.github.com/Facebook-Plugin-for-CakePHP/

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