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I'm using the xlsx package to write Excel files in R:

addPicture('trend_indirect.png' ,sheet1)
addDataFrame(df.ssis_duplmonth ,sheet1, startRow=22)
addDataFrame(df.ssis_dupltrans ,sheet1, startRow=35)

addDataFrame(df.ssis_duplmonth_dir, sheet2, startRow=22)
addDataFrame(df.ssis_dupltrans_dir, sheet2, startRow=55)

saveWorkbook(wb, file="SSIS_import_controls.xlsx")

At this point I get the following error:

> addDataFrame(df.ssis_duplmonth ,sheet1, startRow=22)
Error in .jcall("RJavaTools", "Z", "hasField", .jcast(x, "java/lang/Object"),  : 
  java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class sun.java2d.Disposer

R version 2.15.2, 32bit. Thanks

Edit: I can't really make it reproducible as probably the issue is in my settings but I get the error when I run this:


df.test <- iris[1:5, ]

wb <- createWorkbook()

sheet1 <- createSheet(wb, 'Indirect Sales')

addPicture('trend_indirect.png' ,sheet1)

addDataFrame(df.test ,sheet1, startRow=22)

saveWorkbook(wb, file="stack_test.xlsx")

The image is just a simple ggplot graph saved in png. Thanks

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Please make your example reproducible. –  Andrie Jan 3 '13 at 18:26
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Try installing libxtst. That solved a similar problem for me.

I also installed fontconfig and libcups in the course of solving my issue, in case it wasn't libxtst that fixed it.

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