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We have an interesting question. We're trying to fetch a git repo from public accessible location into our development server (server), which has internet to both corporate network and public internet.

Then, inside our corporate network, we have a few development boxes (clients), that only have access to the development server. Periodically, we want to fetch new change from

public internet -> server -> clients.

What we do now is git clone at server from public internet, then, git clone at client from server. The problem is that if the server did not track remote branch locally, the client will not be able to fetch the new branch.

Question: Will git clone --bare in the server allow us to fetch change in the client-side without creating local tracked branches in server? What else can we do?

Thanks in advanced.

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You probably want git clone --mirror on your server, and a normal git clone on each client.

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@Patrick: man pages are your friend; the git clone man page will tell you more about what --bare and --mirror do and don't do ;) – Nevik Rehnel Jan 3 '13 at 18:56

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