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I am trying to use dblink in PostgreSQL to run query on different databases. The following works if the table "user" is under the public schema:

select * from dblink(
'hostaddr= port=5434 dbname=dbname user=username password=password',
'select id from user')
       as t1(
       id bigint

However, I need to run the query on some other defined schemas. Does anyone know how to add the schema information in the above query? I can't figure it out from the PostgreSQL docs.

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When you write SQL query like


PostgreSQL will resolve table name like user into fully qualified name like schema.tablename using schema search path, which by default is set to "$user",public.

In other words, user will resolve into public.user unless you tweaked server configuration.

However, you can specify schema explicitly in your statement, like this:

SELECT id FROM otherschema.user
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