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I am a newbie to OOP in PHP and I am trying to create a small MVC structure for my website but I am stuck on an error which I am not able to figure out. My code is similar to the one given below :

class a
    protected $b = "b";

    protected function c()
        return $this->b;

class d extends a
    public function e()

$f = new d();

The output of this code is null, which I can't figure out !

In my original code I am storing my username and password in class 'a' and returning a PDO object in function 'c'.

What is the error here ?

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You're getting the value of parent::c(), but you don't do anything with it. Use a return statement.

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Thanx, that solved it! P.S. somewhere i was afraid i had done a silly mistake ! – Narayan Waraich Jan 3 '13 at 19:31

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