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I got the latest code (zip) from sonar .neteco system and did mvn install on the root directory. It starts the build and runs the tests. When it hits .Net tools: Gendarme Runner, it fails with "Impossible to copy Silverlight MScorlib.dll as there is no existing file. But I was able to locate the file under runner/SilverlightFolder. I checked the CI environment for the project and it seems to green all the way. Is there anything I am missing here? I am not a java person so I do not know how to step into test to see which directory is it looking for.

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If you're not a Java developer, why are you trying to build the Sonar .NET Ecosystem? If you just want to install the .NET & C# plugins, you simply have to head to the documentation page and follow the installation procedure.

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Thanks. In my case the problem was eclipse was using jre rather than jdk. So when I changed it to JDK all the errors gone. – Nair Jan 7 '13 at 20:34

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