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url: http://blabla.bl/blabla/ss/sd/filename How to get a filename?

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Use earcar's suggestion (basename) to get the filename.

BUT, if we're starting with a URL and the filename includes a query string, use Mauris's suggestion as well.

The query string will start with ? (that's how we know it's not part of the filename) and we can use

explode('?', basename($url));

This is summed up by the online PHP manual for basename

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Yes it works, but last thing, sometimes basename is aaaa_somewhat. How to delete _somewhat?

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$behind_underscore = array_pop(explode('_',basename($url))); unlink($behind_underscore); –  mauris Sep 12 '09 at 8:57

Given an arbitrary URL, I think you should use basename() together with parse_url(). Something like this:

$parsed_url = parse_url($url);
$path = $parsed_url['path'];
$filename = basename($path);
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