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I am having trouble performing a query inthe LDAP system.

I am able to query for a manager, and receive the list of direct reports, so i know the connection is correct...

but now, i would like to search from the RootDSE for any item that has the managedBy field that contains a certain character string....

This is the string i am trying to search for XX9XXX9 (there are characters in front of and after this string, so I am assuming i would just add the wildcard in front of and after i.e. XX9XXX9)

If i perform a search on the name field, using this query... (&(objectCategory=*)(name=XX9XXX99X99X9)) i receive the correct record...

With the managedBy field containing this value CN=Lastname\, Firstname XX9XXX9,OU=Tiered Services,OU=Premium,OU=NCG,OU=Accounts,OU=BAND,DC=corp,DC=XXXXXXXXX,DC=com

When i try to perform the same search (&(objectCategory=*)(managedBy=XX9XXX9)) it returns no results.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You'll have to try an alternate method to get what you're after: managedBy contains a distinguished name, and DNs do not support the wildcard character in queries.

Edit: possible duplicate of Active Directory C# using ManagedBy attribute

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Found out the issue that was causing the problem... the application i /was/ using was not doing the search in the correct manner - it was trying to do a string search, but in reality, the OU entry was not a string, it was a number (ID to the OU).... the application was trying to think for me.

Instead of showing the ID, it was performing a lookup by itself and presenting the results of the lookup, not the real value in the field.

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