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I am using DotNetOpenAuth to authenticate an app on Windows Azure. From time to time, the system is slow, and I end up with the following error message

Login failed: The maximum time allowed to complete authentication has been exceeded. Please try again.

Any suggestion how to increase this timeout?

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Modify your .config file to change this line:

<openid maxAuthenticationTime="0:05">

(Taken from this code snippet page)

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Link seems to be broken. –  UpTheCreek May 27 '11 at 9:48

Note for other folks: IF this keeps happening, it can also be to do with the ASP.NET cache flushing, on development machines this is quite possible.

Can verify this with

  <cache disableMemoryCollection = "true"
    disableExpiration = "false"
    privateBytesLimit = "0"
    percentagePhysicalMemoryUsedLimit = "90"
    privateBytesPollTime = "00:02:00"/>

In System.Web in Web.Config

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