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On a server (with 1GiB of memory) I'm running SQL Server, IIS7, and my application (running in debug on the VS IDE). SQL Server had not been configured to have a maximum memory usage, and so it was growing and growing until memory contention started kicking in. When memory was tight, my application seemed to (very rarely) just freeze. It never crashed, no errors, nothing, just completely frozen.

Each time I connected with remote desktop, and hit the pause button in the debugger (to examine the stack trace) everything would look fine, and upon unpausing, the application would resume (and unfreeze) as if nothing ever happened.

Today I unfroze the server doing this, and in my logs found it had been in a frozen state for over half an hour (literally doing nothing):

1/3/2013 7:37:07 PM [LOG] A realtime constraint was violated; 2197516ms was required to process sector AI.

Is this behavior documented anywhere? I like that the debugger can just freeze the application rather than throwing an out-of-memory exception, but I'd like to know about this (like what circumstances allow the debugger to do this, since out-of-memory exceptions do exist!).

Edit: Just to be crystal clear on this, my application is not showing any signs of a memory leak; it has been running for 56 days now, and barely using 50MiB of memory. When I unfreeze the application, things just go back to normal running, I have not restarted the application in nearly two months. Configuring SQL Server Maximum Memory (common practice when SQL Server is not running alone) will likely make this issue disappear, but as stated originally, I want to know more about it.

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No visible errors. It's safe to say you have a memory leak, yes? I would focus on that. – James Hill Jan 3 '13 at 20:29
It's not a memory leak, the application has ran for 56 days without showing any increase in memory usage. SQL Server is the only process that grows concerningly large in memory usage. and when SQL Server grows large, my application (which is using barely even 50MB of memory) freezes, and IIS's database connections start failing with time-outs (even despite time-outs being explicitly disabled). – Mr. Smith Jan 3 '13 at 20:30
I think the real question is why are you trying to run IIS and SQL on a server with such a small amount of memory? – Leon Newswanger Jan 3 '13 at 21:01
Despite of this choice, it is already stated @Mr.Smith knows how to solve the problem. I'm not sure whether VS is the best debugger for memory issues. Sincs everything is running on a single system, I think in case of truly running out of memory, it is not surprising everthing freezes, including the debugging (since VS is not a small program). Doesn't looking at the task manager give you enough info about which process is taking what amount of memory and how much memory you have left? – Jacco Jan 3 '13 at 21:05
Also OutOfMemoryException is thrown when your application is out of memory, not your system. An OutOfMemoryException doesn't necessarily indicate that you've run out of system memory. Try reading this article to see if it helps you gain any insight into the issues.… – Leon Newswanger Jan 3 '13 at 21:28

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