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I am trying to deploy my first upstart job to reload my server if it crashes but no matter what I put into the job it gives error of unknown job. Even if I have the job doing nothing only comments. This is the job. only few lins. I'm using emacs

 # comment
 description "golf"
    export HOME="/root"

     exec sudo -u  
  ubuntu /usr/local/bin/node 
    /home/ubuntu/golf/node/lib/db-server1.js  2>&1
   >> /var/log/golf.log 
      end script

The paths are correct but I always get error unknown job Golf, even if I remove everything. Thanks for any advise

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Most likely, the service name does not match what you expect. Most notably, the upper-case G is quite unusual. Are you certain that there's a service definition in /etc/init.d/Golf.conf, as opposed to /etc/init.d/golf.conf (note the lower-case g)?

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Thanks for the response. My apologies the error was unknown job golf not with a capital. One problem I had was I did not call the job golf.conf but even with this I have not got it started. I have the job in /etc/init/ but even if I put it into /etc/init.d I get the same error. No matter waht I put in the job I get the error. I tried to install upstart again, but it told me I was up todate. –  Mark O Keeffe Jan 5 '13 at 12:29
I changed the code to the following, changing the names of the directories, but not matter what I try nothing works. I got forever working alright. start on runlevel [2345] stop on runlevel [^2345] respawn chdir /home/ubuntu/node-monitor/run exec /usr/local/bin/node client.js ec2=true debug=false console=true cloudwatch=true >> –  Mark O Keeffe Jan 5 '13 at 12:30

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