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I am using R and the GEOQuery package for downloading a set of GEO profiles. For doing this I use the following instructions:


which downloads the GDS1245.soft.gz in the specified directory.

The problem is that some GEO profiles have been removed, so when I use the above mentioned instructions in a loop and I came with something like:


in the last case the profile GDS450 does not exist so it throws an error and the program stops. I would like to know how I can catch that error so that in case that the profile does not exist the program will continue looking for the other profiles.

My algorithm is something like:

for (i in 1:length_GEO_profiles){

Any help?


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You should look at try and tryCatch. Here's an example to get you started:

for(i in 1:3) { 
  if(i == 1)
    gdsAcc <- try(getGEO('GDS450',destdir="."))
  cat(i, "\n")

If you want to do something with the error, then use an if statement:

if(class(gdsAcc) == "try-error") cat("HELP")

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