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I'm opening a new php page from my main page using js: ('second.php','_self',false);

I have a string on the parent page, tmpstr, how can I access the value of tmpstr from second.php? I can't use GET because the string is huge.

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You can store it in the $_SESSION variable.

$_SESSION["passedParameter"] = $hugeString;

And then, on the second page, you can use

$hugeString = $_SESSION["passedParameter"];

Just don't forget to add session_start(); at the beginning of both pages, in order for this to work.

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use the window.opener property in javascript

in the first page

window.tmpstr = tmpstr; ('second.php','_self',false);

in second.php


I assume you want to access this in javascript, not in php.

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This is more like what I want. It looks really simple but I cannot get it to work. the alert in the second window won't popup. – A H Jan 3 '13 at 21:19
When I change the '_self' to 'blank' it works...when its '_self' the parent window goes away – A H Jan 3 '13 at 21:34

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