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is there any option to set alias for $qb->expr()->avg('e.value') in select() method of Doctrine2 query builder?

I have e.g. this query:

$qb->select($qb->expr()->avg('e.value'), 'e someAlias')->from('Entity', 'e');

But the average value is indexed by integer in the result, like this:

  0 => array(
   'someAlias' => Entity {},
   1 => 2.5255,

Is it possible to change key of the average value to the defined string value?


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Try the following to set the alias:

                 $qb->expr()->select()->avg('e.value').' AS aveAlias')
                ,'e someAlias')
           )->from('Entity', 'e');
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It works! Thank you. – Pavel Plzák Jan 3 '13 at 22:08

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