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I'm writing an HTML CSS JS code and I'm trying to change the style of a group of elements. I already know about document.getElementById(id).style.something = 'somevalue'; but it will require me to write about 25 of those and have 25 different ids. I wonder if there is a way to change the style properties in a class. for example:

CSS code:

width: 100px;

HTML code:

<div class="text">Some Text</div> <!-- and bunch of other divs like it !>

JavaScript code:

function changeWidth() {
document.getElementsByClass('text').width = '200px'; 
// I know getElementByClass doesn't exist I wanna know if there is something that would do that.
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You have to add a style element at the top of the page that overrides all the other styles – PitaJ Jan 3 '13 at 21:20

"document.getElementsByClass" might not exist but "document.getElementsByClassName" does

It's pretty well supported by all modern browsers here

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There is no getElementsByClass, but there is getElementsByClassName:

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