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There are a number of examples for "warnOn" in the grunt docs:

exports.warnOn = 'grunt.js';        // Warn on a grunt.js file.
exports.warnOn = '*.js';            // Warn on any .js file.
exports.warnOn = '*';               // Warn on any non-dotfile or non-dotdir.
exports.warnOn = '.*';              // Warn on any dotfile or dotdir.
exports.warnOn = '{.*,*}';          // Warn on any file or dir (dot or non-dot).
exports.warnOn = '!*/**';           // Warn on any file (ignoring dirs).
exports.warnOn = '*.{png,gif,jpg}'; // Warn on any image file.

But I have only seen examples that warn you in advance of any questions being asked or answered in the prompt. What I want is to be warned only if the file(s) I'm creating already exist in the project (or in specified paths), after I fill in the answer. Something like:

**Please answer the following:**
Project name: example

Assuming that a file named "example" already exists, I want to be warned at that point, so that I can change the name to something else. I imagine it would be something like this:

warnOn = '{%= name %}';     // File being created already exists in project

But I don't know how to implement this so that it only warns after I enter a value.

Hopefully this makes sense, I'm happy to clarify.

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Not possible, since the warnOn check is only done before the prompt.

However it's just Node.js, so you can easily implement the check yourself:

if (grunt.file.expand(name).length) {
    grunt.warn('Existing files may be overwritten!');
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That's what I suspected, great to know. Thanks! – jonschlinkert Jan 14 '13 at 0:17

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