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In my project, I'd like to scan all source files for documentation, but only include in the generated documentation the full source code for some source files (example code, for example).

Currently I've set SOURCE_BROWSER and VERBATIM_HEADERS to NO, so no source files are included.

Is there some way I can provide a list of source files I'd like to include despite those settings?

Or, if I turn those options back on, is there some way I can provide a list of source files to exclude?

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@RobertHarvey: EXCLUDE and EXCLUDE_PATTERNS, if I understand correctly, both exclude the file altogether — the file is not scanned for documentation. But I'm looking for a way to extract the documentation from a file, without including the full source of the file in the generated documentation. –  smokris Jan 4 '13 at 1:22

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There is no way to only specify a specific list of files that need to be processed with SOURCE_BROWSER enabled.

You can however include examples, see snippet, example, dontinclude, or verbinclude for various ways to do this.

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Thanks; \include is what I needed, since it also highlights syntax and links to methods. –  smokris Jan 5 '13 at 3:48

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