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I just setup a VM server on my computer with ssh and git and all that good stuff... it works perfectly.. except this damn 404..

I've enabled mod_rewrite, so that's working as intended..

I created my codeigniter directory, for this example we'll call it testsite

When I visit: http://192.168.*.*/testsite, it redirects me to http://192.168.*.*/testsite/login as it's supposed to..

But, i get a 404 Not Found error in doing so... But, when I create a VirtualHost and set the ServerAlias to testsite -- then on the development machine setting in my hosts file 192.168.*.* testsite.dev and going to http://testsite.dev it works flawlessly..

I've tried adding a RewriteBase to my .htaccess to no avail...

I'm at my wits end trying to figure out why it's giving me a 404 when it clearly exists... Any help appreciated..

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clearly when you try to visit your VM ( which is not a localhost to you ) the server will not let you see the page with 403 error. but as long as you are getting 404 then the VM server is not understanding your request and at the same time it can't consider that you don't have the right permissions. so it gives you 404 instead of 403. and yes by adding the virtual host you made the VM understands the situation.

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