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I have gone through the documentation at:

As context, I am trying to encode in the JPEG-XR format and I want to emulate GDI+'s SetPropertyItem, GetPropertyItem functionality.

I basically have 3 questions:

  1. If I want to add a custom property to the exif header what is the correct query path?
  2. Can I use a custom ID, say {ushort=1111} to identify it and how do I verify if an ID is already defined?
  3. Is this the same as the id field of GdiPlus::PropertyItem?

For example, is the following valid:

value.vt = VT_LPWSTR;
value.pwszVal= L"Metadata Test";
hr = piFrameQWriter->SetMetadataByName(L"/ifd/exif/{ushort=1111}");

This code block succeeds, but when I try to read back the same metadata using:

IWICMetadataQueryReader *pQueryReader = NULL;
    hr = piFrame->GetMetadataQueryReader(&pQueryReader);
if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
    PROPVARIANT value;
    hr = pQueryReader->GetMetadataByName(L"/ifd/exif/{ushort=1111}", &value);        

This returns E_INVALIDARG error.

I'd appreciate some help in understanding how this works. I feel like I have not understood the documentation correctly.

Thank you.

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Does the value need to be initialized before using it in the call to GetMetadataByName? At a minimum, I would try setting value.vt to VT_EMPTY. The function says its an in/out parameter, not just an out one, so you probably should make sure it's initialized. – Adrian McCarthy Jan 4 '13 at 0:42

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