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What if I am creating an intranet web application using MVC and in the administration's access panel I need to provide a way for users to login either via AD accounts or simple windows forms login-password combination.

The only way I see to accomplish that is to somehow switch on-the-fly the web-config file, allowing or disallowing the anonymous login and hence either or not to check inferred windows account name.

Two questions actually here: is there any more right way of doint it, and if not, what is the best way to change web.config file on-the-fly and is it really appropriate for accomplishing my goal?

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Why not query AD directly via LDAP.. in your authentication logic, have a switch that either queries AD or the database based on the type of user.. at the top of each request: wash, rinse, repeat.. yes, there are -much- more complicated SSO-esque solutions, but int this case the out of the box controls might not do it for you – Bobby D Jan 3 '13 at 22:15
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The only way I see to accomplish that is to somehow switch on-the-fly the web-config file

Oh no, you are really very far from the truth.

Your scenario is actually very common. You could externalize the authentication to a separate service using WIF (Windows Identity Foundation). Here are some introductory slides. The idea is to federate authentication through a single sign on provider. And here's a similar question to yours.

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