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I'm not being able to select a value from a Kendo's dropdown, this is the code (C#):

var wannabeSelect = FindElement(By.Id("Type"));

That's not the selenium raw api, I'm wrapping it up. In this case, FindElement() returns a SelectElement, but when I try to select a value nothing happens on my target web-app (I don't get any code exception, the test succeeds). I believe that Selenium does not support this Kendo UI control, is there a recommended way to handle not supported UI elements like this one?

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Just a stab in the dark: How is the dropdown being populated? Simple test, try adding a 500ms delay and then try the SelectByValue. There is nothing special about the Kendo UI elements.

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A KendoUI dropdown is a combination of a tree of spans and a completely decoupled hidden div containing an unordered list which is dynamically positioned using position:absolute; I would not consider this "nothing special" –  chiccodoro Jul 25 '13 at 7:03
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We made it using Selenium's JS excecutor:

ScriptExecutor.Execute(string.Format("$('#{0}').data('kendoDropDownList').value('{1}')", "Type", value));
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