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I am trying to build an application which requires me to read all the negative entries from an Excel file. In a method I am able to retrieve the excel file but from that function if I pass the data to a different function I get the following error on accessing the file in the other function:

The file is not a zip file

Here is the code I am running in the called function

def setup_Variables(DataWS, filename):
 #sets up the variable box, input box and output box
    i = 0
    newWB = load_workbook(filename)
    for x in xrange(1, dimensions['columns']):
        for y in xrange(2, dimensions['rows']+1):
            stringRef = chr(65+x)+str(y)
            if DataWS.cell(stringRef)[0:1] == '-':

In the above code DataWS is the data sheet we are working on the current workbook.

Please see to it. Thanks in advance.

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Are you trying to read .xlsx or .xlsm files? If not, you're probably out of luck: openpyxl is made exclusively for those file formats. –  Rhymoid Jan 3 '13 at 22:25
This is unrelated to Tkinter. Also, why don't you include the actual code that gives the error ? It is weird to post working code and not the one that fails. –  mmgp Jan 3 '13 at 22:28
I am reading .xls files –  Vishesh Jan 3 '13 at 23:45

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