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I am trying to create a simple BB code like script in PHP for my forum. The problem is, I am not sure how to stop a user posting something like this..

[b] Hahah
[b] Will make all of your text
[b] on this page bold

This would display (because I'm replacing words)

<strong> Hahah
<strong> Will make all of your text
<strong> on this page bold

What would be a good way to prevent this and end the tags at the bottom of the post?

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Replacing BBCode by HTML is actually not as easy as it seems. Just using str_replace() will never be good enough. Because, as you said, people can just only place the open tag and this way, change your layout. A popular 'solution' is to use preg_replace() instead, with a regular expression that matches both the open and close tag. That, however, is quite unsafe with BBCode tags like [url] (you can insert JavaScript in those URL tags).

However, there are some libraries out there that are very good in replacing BBCode. StringParser_BBCode is one of those. Those libraries do a little more than just replacing. For example, they will usually prevent malformed BBCode like [b][i]foo[/b][i] to turn into <strong><em>foo</strong></em> (which is malformed HTML). And also, they can do a lot more on preventing XSS injections.

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Thank-you! I was searching for a simpler class for this, after seeing a BB code library which just seemed more than I needed. – MarkusDylan Jan 3 '13 at 22:48
In my experience, just a 'simple class' is definitely not enough for BBCode. I really recommend using a library, because of the problems with more simple solutions. – kokx Jan 3 '13 at 22:50
Yeah, thing is though I wasn't looking for a full suite of BB codes, but just a few like bold text, italic text and coloured text. – MarkusDylan Jan 3 '13 at 23:44

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