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I have created a little Win Form App in C# and added the WebBrowser component to it. What i am trying to achieve is a little app that can load a local html page from a file which has "custom" protocols in it and can of course also navigate to a web address.

For example i would have entry as follows in my webpage

'<a href="Special://905">Close&nbsp;Company</a></TD></TR>' which would open a task in a program.

The way i tried to achieve this was via the Navigating event as shown below

       private void webBrowser_Navigating(object sender, WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs e)
        if ((webBrowser.StatusText.Contains("Special")))
            //For some reason the stop doesn't do much it still tries to proceed to special:123
            //diplaying can not load page..

            //Launch program here.
            MessageBox.Show("Special Command Found");

Problem is that it still navigates and says it can't find of course the page. I swapped Stop with GoBack which for some reason has the same issue the first time i run it and when i then select backward in the browser it works from thereon.

I also tried navigated and use of GoBack, besides having a flashing in the app from going back the event does not fire again after the first time anymore.

Has anyone any ideas how to solve this or what i am doing wrong here ?

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Instead of using WebBrowser.Stop(); just set e.cancel = true;

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