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I've so far been unable to find a working answer for this... And, let me say, I'm brand new to Zend/MVC.

I've installed Zend Server CE on CentOS, running Apache. I'm able to use the Zend GUI interface (with the options like "Monitor, Applications, Server Setup, etc.). PHP is running and executing fine.

All is ok, except when I try to instantiate any Zend Custom Classes. For instance when I try to create a Zend_Rest_Controller class, I receive the following message:

Fatal error: Class 'Zend_Rest_Controller' not found in /mnt/hgfs/API/index.php on line 15

This stays the same for any class I try. I read things about altering the php.ini file, or including the Zend library in the index.php page, but nothing has helped so far.

My question is: What steps in addition to installing Zend do I need to do to let me use the Zend classes?

Sorry if this is an ignorant question, but I appreciate the help.

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Typically these types of errors are encountered when a non standard MVC configuration is attempted and the autoloader is not configured correctly. The information provided so far is insufficient to diagnose the problem. Look at the quickstart for an idea of how the framework is used for mvc. the coding standard may also prove helpful. –  RockyFord Jan 4 '13 at 9:13

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There are two different products of Zend, which I think you are confusing. There is Zend Server CE (which you just installed). And there is the Zend Framework. As far as I know, Zend Server CE is distributing the Zend Framework with it, but it probably distributes version 2. And, looking at the name of the class you are referring to, that is a class from version 1 of the Zend Framework. Since version 2, the Zend Framework uses namespaces, and thus the class Zend_Rest_Controller does no longer exist. If you want to use version 1 Zend Framework, you will have to install that seperately.

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Thanks for your response. I'll do some more research, but looking at the server information page it lists: Zend Server Community Edition: v 5.6.0 Zend Framework: v1.12.0 –  Jhouse153 Jan 3 '13 at 23:31
1)when i install ZendServer CE on my machine(windows),its up and running on localhost:10081/ZendServer,pls try it with your config 2)you may need to include Zend library's path into php.ini probably –  Maulik Shah Jan 4 '13 at 19:19

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