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In iTunesConnect you can open rss feeds for the customer reviews of your app:


The top level folder (us/de/..) of the URL changes for each country, the parameter id is the store id of the app. (here 123)

With rss2email you can check the feeds and send an email when somebody posts a review. So far, so good.

My problem is, that in iTunesConnect there are only six countries in the dropdown, where somebody has actually posted a review. But I cannot find out, what other country codes (us/de/..) there are, so I will miss reviews from other countries.

I have tried parsing possible codes from this page and got 73 two character codes:


But this has resulted in most reviews triggering up to five emails and I don't see, which country codes have caused them or if there might be stores with codes longer than two characters.

Does anyone maybe know, how/where to get a list of all valid countries/appstores without those causing duplicates?

edit: i could not add tags for "rss2email" and "customerreviews" ..

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You can use the country list of the Country dropdown input list of the following url:


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very nice, thx! –  Daniel Brown May 27 '13 at 18:32

Probably you got the question resolved by now but in following link you can check appstore country codes: AppStore Territories

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Okay, looks more offical, but it contains the same data RSC has posted, so will leave his answer as correct because he was faster. :) Thanks! –  Daniel Brown Oct 6 '13 at 22:01

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