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I read the following in the DirectX 10 documentation:

"Legacy hardware capability bits (caps) have been removed in favor of a rich set of guaranteed functionality, which targets Direct3D 10-class hardware (minimum)."

"Removal of CAPS bits - Direct3D 10's base feature set is guaranteed."

Where do I find a list of the "guaranteed functionality / base feature set" that they talk about?

For example, under DirectX 9 I can look at D3DCAPS9.MaxTextureWidth to find the maximum texture width. How do I know the maximum size that all DirectX 10 devices must support?

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There are no more caps, so you just have to assume that your hardware (provided it's DX10 compliant) will support the full set of DX 10 functionality.

This means, for example, that it is guaranteed to support 8192^2 texture sizes. 3D textures must support 2048^3.

However, be aware that hardware is allowed to implement this in software - it has to support the feature, but there are no speed guarantees.

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The minimums are available here


As you can see from that link the max texture U/V dimensions that a card must support is at LEAST 8192x8192.

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