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I'm setting up the doxygen for a project. The module files have their language standard extension (.py), but the executable scripts do not. How can I get doxygen to read these correctly (Python in this case)? I tried


But that looks for files named "blah.". I'm on a Unix system, so the concept of a file extension doesn't even exist here. And this is an existing project, so renaming all of the existing scripts is not an option.

Any ideas?

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I modified doxygen to handle filenames without dots in them, and I'll submit the patch to the maintainers.

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One simple trick is to make a symbolic link to the script that does have the right extension, and let doxygen then process the symbol link.

Say you have a python script called test, then do

ln -s test

and then specify the file in doxygen's configuration file

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That would clutter the directory and the git repository, and we'd have to modify the installer to not copy these extra files, so it's not very useful. – kwiqsilver Jan 4 '13 at 18:31

According to doxygen's EXTENSION_MAPPING docs,

EXTENSION_MAPPING = ".no_extension=python"

should work.

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