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I am writing this mixin below:

=font-placeholder($location, $name, $fallback: '', $fallback-style: '')
    font-family: "#{$name}", "#{$fallback}", $fallback-style

+font-placeholder($location: body, $name: FontName)

Instead of it outputting this:

%body-font {
  font-family: "FontName", "", "";

I want it to output this:

%body-font {
  font-family: "FontName";

Any help?

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If the string doesn't need quotes, don't quote it. Then you won't have to unquote it later.

What you need is a list of fonts, that way you won't have to worry about extra commas or empty strings.

=font-placeholder($location, $fonts...)
    font-family: $fonts

+font-placeholder(body, FontName)
+font-placeholder(body, FontName, serif)
+font-placeholder(body, FontName, Arial, sans-serif)

Should generate something like this:

%body-font {
  font-family: FontName;

%body-font {
  font-family: FontName, serif;

%body-font {
  font-family: FontName, Arial, sans-serif;
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