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I would like to include a left side menu in my master page, but allow this to collapse away to the left to provide more work space in the main 'window.'

How best can I achieve this using plain ASP.NET, or with Telerik as well? I'd prefer to stick with these, as jQuery and company get complicated once telerik is already at the party.

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This is definitely something you can do with some client side scripting. I would recommend utilizing the jQuery javascript framework even though you've voiced a concern on this. I know that Telerik does support jQuery, so depending on your specific needs and uses, this should really not be that big of a deal.

Here are a few links that provide samples on how this can be done...
* Adiplaz.AwardSpace.com
* ILoveColors.com

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You could use jQuery or AJAX Toolkit.

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I don't think that deserved a down vote. Yes, I did say I didn't want jQuery, but the AJAX toolkit is, at least, a step in the right direction. –  ProfK Sep 12 '09 at 18:06

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