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We've inherited an app that uses

<fb:comments href="/article/101" width="500" num_posts="20"></fb:comments>

And the comments work similar to this fiddle: in that a full url is not specified.

However now they want to get a total of comments for that article for use elsewhere on the site. If it was using the full url as we could use an OpenGraph query easily:'')%26pretty%3D1>

(sorry, couldnt figure out how to link the above url..)

Anyone know of a way to retrieve the ID facebook is using when someone doesnt specify an href (like the fiddle) or only a relative path? Obviously we could update the fb:comment code to use a full url but we'd lose all the comments for each article... hoping there is a way to avoid that

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Facebook probably turns that relative url into an absolute url by adding the domain in front of it. Not sure if www. makes a difference either. – Tommy Crush Jan 4 '13 at 3:23
Thanks for www tip, did not think about that, sadly no dice. Also tried with and without http(s) – chrisan Jan 4 '13 at 12:27

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