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I have installed VS2012 on a windows 8 machine and surprisingly doesn't show any WPF or Silverlight option when I create a project.

Am I missing something here?! In fact, it is not the way it used to be in VS2010. I only can see it as template under Visual C# which again it is under Online.

Why is that?

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What sort of project did you create? Or are you looking for the WPF/Silverlight project templates under the Visual C# option? –  slugster Jan 4 '13 at 0:55
Just checked - both sections are present (Windows and Silverlight if to expand the C# section). You must have installed VS Express instead of the full version. –  vorrtex Jan 4 '13 at 0:59
yes I did ... should I uninstall it and install the full version? I thought this free version have it. any idea? –  amit kohan Jan 4 '13 at 1:39

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You need to install "Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop"....it's a different edition which has restored the WPF capability.

To help decide if it's got all the capabilities you need:

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